I’ve been thinking about my blog lately and realized a few things. For one: I haven’t posted anything in forever. Partly because I made this blog to simply show off my outfits, but I’m realizing now that’s not working out all that well. I always seem to be either too lazy to pose for pictures, or it’s too hard to get someone to take the pictures or for me to set up the tripod.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to start posting all different things such as my photographs (as you might not know I am/or will be a photographer, so I think that makes sense), my outfits still, other cute things I may come across, and maybe some quotes and such? We’ll see where it goes. I think I’ll start soon with the pictures I took while on my 18 day trip to Italy (supposed to be only 10 days..silly volcano). The photo below is one I took of the lights on Lake Garda one night. That’s all for now!

Sincerely Yours,



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