Swedish Ikea Cookbook (the most adorable cookbook I have ever seen)

The Swedish Ikea Cookbook: Officially the most adorable cookbook ever.

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Brownie Cupcakes in the Making

I always get really inspired when I see cute little cupcakes. However, I’m not a big fan of cupcakes. I don’t like the whole plain cake thing so I decided to make brownie cupcakes! Perfect solution! I took pictures of the process because everything looked so pretty, especially the buttercream frosting which of course I had to taste quite a few times. My next post will have the final products!

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Fashion’s Night Out!

I had the most amazing time last night! I can’t wait for next year!

Alexa Chung!

Alex Turner!! Surprise!

The line in front of us at Chanel!

And the line behind us!

My free Chanel Manicure! Khaki Vert <3

My friend Rachel and I with the Kens!

Alexa Chung’s Line at Madewell.

All photos taken by my friend Rachel, except the Ken one taken by the…Ken photographers? A few more photos to come later, until then!

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