Jewelry Displays!

I’ve made a bunch of new jewelry displays the past few days and I wanted to share them with you! I’m going to be doing this post just for the ones I’ve made, and then I’ll do a post right after this of the photos/blog posts I used for my inspiration and instructions and such! Hope you like them! I’m in love! First here’s three of the displays together… The first display I made was this white jewelry tree. This was one I made with my own instructions, but I didn’t take pictures during the process so I can’t really do a tutorial on it. However, I can give you a summary of how I did it, it was really simple. All you have to do is find a nice container (preferably something large with enough weight the keep the tree from falling over when you put jewelry on it.) I found this one at goodwill for only $1.49. Once you have your base you’ll need to go outside and hunt for some sticks! Choose ones with a lot of branches and little “nubs” haha. Those make it easiest to hang jewelry in a lot of places. After you find all your branches you have a choice of arranging them or painting them first. I arranged mine first, using clay I found in the house to secure them, and then painted them with white acrylic paint once they were standing up. This made it easier to paint everywhere, I did a few coats so it’s a solid white. After that you’re all set! Put your clay lump with your stick in your container and you’re done! If you’d like you can fill the rest of the container with something like sand, stones, or beads to keep it more secure and so it looks nicer! Then you don’t have to look at the ugly clay. I covered mine with a bunch of white sea glass and I love the way it looks! This is the second one I made, my lace earring holder! This one I made using a tutorial from another blog so it’ll be in my next post. I love this one because it gives me a place to keep my post earrings that can’t hang on the tree. Next I made this pretty ring holder, which also has a tutorial on another blog… And then last but not least! This second earring holder with lace trims and ribbons! This cute little saucer is great for a catch all dish. I love it as is, but I wouldn’t mind finding a cute little white teacup to put on top! This only cost me $0.99 at goodwill! These I made a while ago, but they seemed like they belonged with this post. The one on the left I made by just using a wood board, inserting nails, and painting white! My dad did something with the edges so it has those grooves, I’m not sure what it’s called, but it definitely makes it look nicer and more expensive. I didn’t buy anything for that one, I just used things laying around the house! The one on the right I bought from target, it was a white ago so I don’t remember how much. I think it a key holder? Or something like that. Anyways, it just has silver hooks that are perfect for hanging jewelry and headbands.

The next post with the other tutorials and more jewelry display ideas will be up soon! And I’m not even close to done making more jewelry displays for my room! Wait until you see what I have in mind!

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