23 Jewelry Display DIYs!

As promised, here’s a post of all different jewelry displays that have DIY tutorials, including the ones I used for mine here. No more searching all over the internet for these DIY jewelry displays; I put all of my favorites in this one convenient post, both for your sanity, and mine!  DIY Ring Holder by Peach Fizz (Click for my version.)

DIY Lace Photo Frame Earring Holder by About Him & Her (Click for my version.) DIY Lace Trim Hair Clip/Earring Holder by H is For Handmade (Click for my version.) DIY Chair Jewelry Display by Dismount Creative (DIY version of this Urban Outfitters one. Can be purchased here for $68.) DIY Candle Pillar Jewelry Stand by Spill the Vintage (This is the one I’ll be attempting next!) DIY Radiator Grill Photo Frame by Design Gal DIY Shadow Box Jewelry Display by A Running Tale DIY Shadow Box Jewelry Display by Martha Stewart DIY Stick Jewelry Display by Gadora Wilder DIY Hardware Jewelry Display by Liz Marie DIY Jewelry Branch by Mojomade DIY Chicken Wire Jewelry Display by Craftaria DIY Wire Photo Frame Earring Display by Classy in CarolinaDIY Jewelry Tree by Color Buzz DIY Jewelry Tree by Color Buzz DIY Hanging Jewelry Storage Display by A Time For Everything DIY Dangling Chain Earring Display by Cleverly Inspired DIY Bottle Bracelet Display by Decoratrix DIY Cake Stand Jewelry Display by Sarah Ortega DIY Tennis Racket Jewelry Display by Recycled Crafts (This would be adorable if you’re into tennis!) DIY Simple Frame Jewelry Holder by Monaluna (I love the catch-all dish at the bottom!) DIY Egg Carton Ring Holder by Merriment Design DIY Jewelry Tea Cups by Martha Stewart

DIY Teacup Display by El Brooklyn Taco (I found this one just as I was about to wrap up this post! I think I love it more than the chair display! I will definitely be making this very soon!)

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41 thoughts on “23 Jewelry Display DIYs!

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  4. Amazing ideas feeling very inspired, I’m setting up a Jewellery stand and was some angelic and themes displays for my products, will defiantly be stealing some of your ideas!

  5. VERY cool, all of them. I’m wanting to do a version of the picture from earring holder, but I need to put mine out on my display table at a craft faire. Do you know how to make them be free-standing?

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  7. What an inspiration! I plan to try all, and thanks for a really great website and cool ideas for us jewel hoarders to get to decorate and view & enjoy our things, w/o being stuck away & hiddden in a box..

  8. I own a second hand store. Looking at all these got me excited about how I’m going to display jewelry and other small items. And I will be making them out of items that I usually have to throw away. I get lots of extra plates, picture frames cups door knobs etc. I can’t wait to try these projects

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  10. I used a piece of cork board on the bottom half of mine to put all my post earrings an lace ribbon across the top to hold all of the french hook earrings. I then picked a bunch of cool knobs up at hobby lobby when they were 50% off. I also screwed a ring box to the side to hold all of the earring backs.

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