16 Creative Wall Hooks! Some DIY!

Here’s a bunch of creative wall hooks! Some DIY and some purchasable! (Why does that word not look real?)

Fork Wall Hooks for $45 by JJEvensenArt on Etsy (Many other creative silverware hooks as well!)

Another option of Fork Hooks for $14 by s3setag on Etsy

Here’s an example of DIY fork hooks as well by Real Simple

DIY Faucet Handle Hooks by Loving Your Space

Another version of DIY faucet hooks by Apartment Therapy

Cubby Wall Hooks by Materious

DIY Branch Hooks by Scandinavian Deko. (These look like the ones I made a few weeks ago!)

Sea Anemone Wall Hook by Unodesign

Knife Hooks, $20 for 1, $79 for 5, by TC Studio

Dog End Hangers for $1.99 from IKEA

DIY Drawer Knob Hooks by iHeart Organizing

Hand Hooks by Thelermont Hupton

Tape Hooks by Torafu

Pack Rack Trophy Edition for $300 by Steph Mantis (This would be a great DIY!)

Encased Elephant Hook for $20 by Anthropologie (Many other animals as well!)

Modern Cast Hooks for $14 by West Elm


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