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So we just¬†finished making our sugar cookies and I think they’re our best yet!

Okay I promise that’s all the Christmas posts for tonight!

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Festive Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies may just be my favorite part of Christmas! they’re delicious, beautiful, and fun to make! I’ve made up a post of a ton of Christmas cookies you can make yourself. And for those who aren’t bakers….I’ve thrown in a few you can buy as well. You’re welcome.

christmas cookies

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How To Make Rainbow Cupcakes

So seeing as it’s time to catch up on my blogging, here’s something I’ve been playing around with for quite some time now. This was my first time baking rainbow cupcakes! Followed by many more versions with holiday colors and all leading up to my favorite rainbow cake! (Which I will be doing another post on later on, so look out for it!) So here it is: My tutorial on how to bake rainbow cupcakes. Enjoy your colorful treats!

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick out a nice white cake recipe. For my cupcakes I used this recipe because it’s fast and easy to make and tastes amazing! Go ahead and prepare your batter as you normally would and then get ready to make your rainbow!

After your batter is prepared you’ll want to divide it evenly into six different bowls or cups, one for each color of the rainbow. After your batter is divided out you’re going to begin the coloring process. It’s best to use food coloring gels for many different reasons. These gels won’t leave an unpleasant food coloring taste in your cupcakes, the colors will be more vibrant, and unlike the liquid food colorings, they won’t turn your batter liquidy.

After you have finished coloring your batters, it should look something like this ^ Your next step is to line your muffin pans with your cupcake wrappers and get ready to start layering! You can start with either the red or the purple, it’s your choice. However, I always start with the purple on the bottom because when your cupcakes are finished, if you turn them upside down they will make the correct rainbow pattern.

Now go ahead and evenly distribute your first color (I used purple) among the 12 openings (or more if you’re using a larger recipe).

(Please excuse my misshapen cupcake wrappers, yours should not look like that.) Continue layering all of the colors in the correct order until you have used all of the colors. I have discovered since baking these the first time, that they come out much better if the colors are layered directly on top of the last, right in the center, rather than how I have them layered below.

Once you are all finished layering go ahead and bake them just as your recipe says. As soon as that oven beeps get ready to see your finished creation!

Now go ahead and frost your cupcakes to your liking! I used this buttercream frosting for mine, the same one I’ve used for previous recipes such as my brownie cupcakes.

Now bite into or cut it that cupcake open and see how beautiful!

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