Photoshoot :)

Photoshoot I did with my sister the last time she was home!

Sincerely Yours,




Okay, so maybe WordPress hasn’t really changed. It just looked different from whatever screen I had ended up on. So although this doesn’t really catch anyone up, I figured I might as well start by showing the renaissance/elven photos I took a few days ago with my sister.We took them at a park nearby and it was a beautiful day out. However, the lighting was not so beautiful. My sister is going away to Ireland for two weeks and is leaving tomorrow, so basically, we didn’t have much time to do this and ended up doing it on a very sunny day with a lot of harsh lighting. I did my best trying to “edit the harsh lighting,” but unfortunately didn’t quite work on some of the photos.

With that said I am still going to show you my favorites, lighting aside, and hope that you enjoy them! I’m going to divide the photos on half with the first set in this post and the second in the next.

And onto the second post…..