Check Out My Etsy Shop – Daze & Amaze!

Hey guys! I’ve recently rebranded and reopened my Etsy Shop! The new name is Daze & Amaze and I have brought back my uniquely designed shorts as well as a ton of handmade chokers and earrings! Here’s just some of what’s available now at Also feel free to follow the shop’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. :)


23 Jewelry Display DIYs!

As promised, here’s a post of all different jewelry displays that have DIY tutorials, including the ones I used for mine here. No more searching all over the internet for these DIY jewelry displays; I put all of my favorites in this one convenient post, both for your sanity, and mine!  DIY Ring Holder by Peach Fizz (Click for my version.) Continue reading

Tattoo Inspiration 2!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! I’ve been distracted, but I’m going to get back into posting more often! Again, there’s always my tumblrs, which I post on everyday, so check that out when I’m not on here. Look on my link page for those! :) And now for more tattoo inspiration since  I have finally decided what I’m going to be getting! I need to get it soon…I’m so excited!